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The Tracks Gear Advantage

Security - Know exactly where your fleet is located in real time, any time.Ensure the security of your company’s greatest assets – your drivers and your fleet with GPS satellite navigation to show you where your vehicles are in real time or by journey history, including stops.
Use geofencing to automatically send notification if vehicles move beyond a predetermined area and ensure duty of care for your drivers with driver ID, panic alarms, door lock and unlock, engine immobilization and impact detection.

Reporting - Use your internet connection to check how your business is operating from anywhere in the world. Use the reporting function to assist with route management and vehicle performance to maximise fuel efficiency. Run reports of driver log on times to monitor fatigue and overtime costs and schedule reports to be emailed to you showing:
- Speed                                                 - Driving Hours
- Idle time and billable hours                   - Mileage
- Driver and vehicle activity                       - Unauthorised event reporting
- Accident reporting
- Route monitoring and management – shortest, fastest for fuel efficiency
- Telemetry reporting – temperature, weight, vehicle maintenance
- Driver log on and off/fatigue and overtime management

Communication - Improve communication to run a more efficient operation. No more missed calls, ‘phone tag and expensive mobile phone charges. Send messages directly to your fleet and receive confirmation of receipt.
Dial individual vehicles for voice communication.
Banish excess paperwork and tailor digital forms to your company requirements Check lists, assignments, delivery status and safety notices.
Plug in PDA’s and bar code scanners and choose touch screen capability and credit card validation options to ensure the on-the-road efficiency of your fleet.

Proven Capability- More than 250,000 units operating WebTech Wireless Technology across 50 countries, and 12 million records transferred daily

Customer satisfaction - Real time tracking of, and communication with, your fleet enables pro-active warning of unforeseen delays and instant location of goods for customers. Respond immediately to any change in circumstance and to revised client requirements and priorities with accurate information on location and capabilities. With a bar-code scanning option, locate goods quickly and easily via the internet to communicate delivery details to your customers.
Avoid traffic hold-ups with driver communication to ensure goods arrive on time and your customer knows quickly if there are unavoidable delivery delays.

About Tracks Gear - Committed to helping you maximise the efficiency of your fleet. An Australian owned and operated company, Tracks Gear is committed to offering a quality tracking product with an emphasis on customer service to help you take advantage of all the benefits today’s technology can offer.
Supplying hardware, installation and follow-up support, Tracks Gear is your one-stop shop for wireless tracking systems to ensure you have complete control over your fleet operations.

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