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Tracks Gear's Quadrant Network Overview-

Tracks Gear provides the Quadrant System in a hosted ASP (Application Service Provider) model. Access to all Reports, Messaging, and Administration is browser based and can be accessed from any computer anywhere on the Internet. The Quadrant system has numerous features, each addressing specific Fleet needs.

Feature highlights include:

  • Full mapping interface for all Dispatchers and Administrators
  • Numerous canned Reports to provide relevant vehicle and routing information
  • Real-time notification or alerts (with associated Reports) when events have been triggered (i.e. Geofence crossings, after-hours usage, etc.)
  • Extensive Geofence Feature set including multi-polygonal Geofences, single-circular Geofences, and Route Geofences with definitions of the fences stored on the Vehicle device
  • Unlimited number of Landmarks (or customer locations) supported in Quadrant
  • Multiple Telemetry Inputs and Outputs for increased knowledge of work completed and safety and security (including Panic buttons and remote vehicle shut down)
  • Vehicle integrated Electronic Driver Log (HOS)
  • J1708 Vehicle Diagnostics interface providing engine performance and diagnostic information
  • Robust Vehicle Maintenance Center for tracking via virtual odometer or time and date

Application Programming Interfaces:
WebTech provides numerous Application Programming Interfaces in order to support integration with back end applications.

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