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Q1. What information can the system provide?
Up to date information on vehicle location, usages and operating history

Q2. What is the main benefit?
Typically by reducing operating costs, potential reductions in wage bills, other benefits like added vehicle and staff security, and customer service improvements all from around a couple of dollars a day

Q3. Can this product increase efficiency for me?
In most cases the benefits gained from real time fleet data such as vehicle tracking information, telemetry (which monitor and control vehicles), and instant messaging to and from the vehicle, assists vehicle co-ordinators and business owners to improve fleet efficiency

Q4. Can I see if my vehicles are left idle?
Yes. This information is available in standard reports in addition to other information such as being able to precisely monitor key on/off, start time, stop periods and much more. These reports directly assist with fleet cost savings. The information is transferred to our reporting centre via the GSM/GPRS cell networks. CDMA & Satellite communication is also available however the GSM/GPRS service is reliable, scaleable and remains cost effective

General Questions
How do I contact a Tracks Gear company representative?
By calling 1800 TRACKS or +61 2 6238 1122 or drop us a email with your details and suggested contact time and we will gladly get back to you ASAP

How long does it take to set up?
Usually one day is sufficient for installation. System configuration, tailoring and tracking can be completed in the same time frame

Which payment methods do you accept?
Company Cheque, Electronic Funds Transfer and Visa

Can you ship to most places?
Sure, we have regular shipping with Australia Post, TNT, FedEx and UPS or you can provide your own transport

Is this product covered by Warranty?
Our Locators are covered by a standard 12 months warranty, extended warranties are also available

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