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Health and Safety Policy

General Policy Objectives

Tracks Gear is an Australian Company that provides Wireless Fleet Management solutions such as: high speed data, live vehicle tracking, remote messaging services and comprehensive reporting facilities.

Our Vision is to provide solutions and tools to the Transport sector in ways that make us proud. In this regard we believe that all injuries and industry related diseases are preventable and that striving continuously to improve our Health and Safety performance is fundamental to our business success. We plan and perform our business activities to ensure that the risks of adverse effects on people are avoided or kept as low as reasonably practicable.


To implement this Policy we will: Give health and safety prevailing or equal status over other business objectives. Delay or stop activities where effective controls are not in place, Comply with all applicable laws and regulations, while aspiring to higher standards, Apply responsible standards where laws and regulations do not exist, Apply and demonstrate a systematic approach to health and safety management to ensure compliance and achieve continuous performance improvement, Set and regularly review health and safety objectives and targets, Monitor our performance and take action to address our deficiencies, Openly communicate our health and safety performance with our workforce, Government and the wider community. Foster a culture that empowers and rewards everyone to act in accordance with this policy.


The Managing Director of Tracks Gear Pty Ltd shall ensure that this policy is implemented. This Policy will be reviewed every two years. This policy applies to all personnel, contractors and joint venture partners under Tracks Gear Pty Ltd control.

January 2016




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